Our Philosophy

The London FILMharmonic Orchestra is a collective of extremely experienced, high quality string players from London. All graduates and undergraduates of the top conservatoires in England, the LFO should be your first port of call for your recording session, live performance or collaboration. Born from a love of chamber music, Raphael Hurwitz set up the London FILMharmonic Orchestra in 2013 to bring together the best young talents available in the country.

Recording…In this day and age, synthesizers are used far too liberally when it comes to strings. The sound is good, and sometimes suits the track perfectly if the synthesized strings are meant to sound synthesized, but a real string section cannot be recreated. The nuances, expression, dynamics, and performance captured in a recording session are worth their weight in gold on a record.

Live…London FILMharmonic Orchestra is a string orchestra of top London string players and can guarantee you the best quality of performance. Either backing you, performing selected repertoire or playing solo, the LFO is without a doubt the best option for live performance. Years of studying, practicing and experience will be apparent in seconds.

Collaboration…We are always open to collaboration, in fact, we welcome it with open arms. If you have a project that you would like to approach us with then please send us an email with all the details. Any genre or any idea possible, we will always consider it and let you know if it’s something we are interested in.

Do not settle for second best, contact us for a quote.
For arrangements and composition, use Raphael Hurwitz.